Pipa Viisi born of the will and desire of Filipa Correia have her own brand where she can express herself in a personal and artistic way and make products with her sense of aesthetics.

The idea of the brand began to emerge from early age, but only in 2016 the first steps were taken. In 2018, Pipa Viisi launch the first collection of cowboy boots with a classic boot twist and many more ideas began to flow from her inner world to the outside world.


Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and resumption.

Butterflies symbolize change, through the stages of life through which they pass. Initially it is only an egg, thus representing the birth of an idea, then becomes a larva, when it is necessary to arrive at a decision on which path to choose, after that, it is necessary to protect the idea, phase in which it is in the cocoon in development, finally , there is the transformation, when he leaves the cocoon and turns a butterfly.

Finding a white butterfly on our way is a sign of good luck, as they represent the transformation and positive energy, represent that good news are on the way. In addition, they are a symbol of spiritual protection.

Europe USA UK BR Cm inches
36 6 3 1/2 34 24 9,4
37 6 1/2 4 35 24,7 9,7
38 7 1/2 5 36 25,3 10
39 8 1/2 6 37 26 10,2
40 9 6 1/2 38 26,7 10,5
41 9 1/2 7 39 27,3 10,7